Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MTC Week 4. The Finals Days

Well fam this is it. My last few days in the MTC.

Its crazy how fast everything goes by. I swear it was just yesterday that my family dropped me off at the MTC! 

Happy Late 4th of July to everybody! lol We got to celebrate last saturday with fireworks from the stadium of fire so it didn't feel like we were missing out to much! Next 4th of July ill be watching fireworks somewhere in Ohio! Needless to say im pumped to be leaving soon!

But this week has changed so much. So start off with all the elders from our zone all left to go to the Salt Lake City South mission! That was actually a lot sadder than I thought it would be. We have all gotten so close with each other over the past few weeks and now they are gone. But good luck to all of them because I know they will do great things. Also shout out to my other sisters that left this week! Sister Matautia, going to the Phillipines Cebu Mission and Sister Kaufusi in the Sacremento California Mission! love and miss you both. 

As for us girls that are left here we finished off our normal MTC training and started Visitor Center Training on Wednesday. We do a whole lot more than I thought we would at a visitor center. We had to learn how to manage the floor and approach people, how to run chat online, along with answering phone calls and doing referrals. Its been nuts but so much fun! Our teachers Sister Rae, Donakey, Shmitz, and lewis are hilarious and make VC training so much fun! We have online time tonight when we are talking to people over the internet and teaching them lessons. Its great fun till me and Sister J get hit with the hardest questions. Its all good though, because it turns into a great learning experience for both of us! Tomorrow we have a brief class in the morning and then have practice TRC's to give tours of the "MTC Visitor Center." Which is basically when we give visitors tours of the front part of the MTC. We have to prepare lessons and then apply them to the Visit if we feel necessary. But preparing is so different from normal preparation. You kind of have to go by the spirit and study what you feel is necessary because you never know who is going to walk through the doors. But the spirit is definitely the teacher here, We are just mouth pieces that it goes through. 

Anyways tomorrow we head up to the SLC Temple Square Visitors Center to go on splits with the Missionaries up there. We will get a taste of what working a visitor center is like before we all head out to our VC's! (Kirtland im coming for ya!!) But that will be a great experience to be able to grow and learn from the lead ladies at temple square! So im pumped for that... also we just get to leave the MTC for most of the day and see real people! It's been a while I feel like ive been in the same place for 278 years now lol

Just on top of everything I got sick as of yesterday which was the worst timing ever. Sister J, Being the best companion ever, made me go to the doctors and get a check up because we leave soon and didn't want to take any changes. I swear I had a head cold and guess what when i got to the doctors he told me a had a Virus... aka a little worse version of a head cold. haha he gave me a perscription that way I hopefully get better by the time we leave!

But i love you all and the church is still as true as its ever been! Ive gained such a huge testimony of our saviors love for each one of us and see people in a christlike way. The atonement is so real and im glad that we have to opportunity to become cleansed of our sins and be pure again. The mission has been such a huge blessing already and I can't wait to see what the next 17 months will be like! Thats right ive already been here for a month now haha time flies when your engulfed in the lords work!

Love you all and im so grateful for the support in all things! Ill keep you update cause the next time I write ill be in the OHIO CLEVELAND KIRTLAND VISITORS CENTER! im pumped to meet my new trainer and to just be able to get things started out in the great state of Ohio! Stay blessed.

Also, will you guys keep my friend Elder Mataele in your prayers. His dad passed away while he was here in the MTC and he leaves to Tonga on monday! Thanks!

Love Sister Togisala

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