Saturday, June 18, 2016


Holy Cow Fam..
It has been such a crazy few days but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. The first 3 days Ive been here literally feel like I have been here for FOREVER. Well first off I when I got to the MTC I met my companion and her name is Sister Jensen. Funny story about her. We actually had met 2 days after we opened our mission calls and were both called to the Ohio Cleveland Visitors Center. So we had actually met up a few times to go to the temple and just get to know each other before we left. So it was funny when we ended up being comps. But she is amazing and teaches me so much. Anyways so first day here and they really didn't even give us time to breathe. We dropped our stuff off and went straight to class to meet up with our districts and meet our new teachers. We have Sister Smyth and Brother Smith. They are awesome even though we haven't met Brother Smith yet.. but we had a short lesson and introductions that we just ran straight to the next activity. 

This was my favorite part ever. All the new missionaries met up in different rooms where there were investigators who wanted to know more about the church. At first it was kind of intimidating because there were so many people and often it was hard to try and get a word in cause some talks a lot more than others. But there was one older guy that all of us taught who's name was Dominique. He came from a Italian Catholic Church and was raised going to bible schools from preschool till college. He had a few discussions with the missionaries so he had a pretty good idea of what was going on before hand. His daughter was a convert and was married in the temple and after all there kids were baptized in the church as well. He told us he had a 73 year old relationship with god and he wanted to know about why are beliefs are different. We went along and just asked tons of questions but then there was one elder who just got up the courage to ask if he wanted to be baptized. The spark in his eyes you could tell he had never been asked that question even after be taught by the missionaries a few times. He replied and said "I have never really thought about out it but it gives me something to ponder." I honestly can't wait to see that spark of hope in peoples eyes when im out in Cleveland. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

The next day felt like 5 years in a day. We woke up and had to go straight to class. When we got there we had to prepare a lesson to teach an investigator. So after we went to breakfast Sister Smyth came in and taught us how to break down our lessons according to the needs of our investigator. Afterwords each of us had to take turns teaching "Nikki" or sister smyth in disguise. It was so nerve racking because 1. She was our teacher but 2. She did a really good acting job and made me believe she was a whole different person. but we talked to her about prayer and how to strengthen her personal relationship with god. It was such an amazing experience though because the spirit was definitely there while teaching which made it a lot easier to open my mouth and speak from the heart.

The end of the day we had a super cool activity when we learned how to love the people we will be serving. They showed videos of people from all walks of life and had us discuss in groups how we felt about the people and how god felt about them. It was super spiritual being able to talk to everyone and see how they viewed different things. because there are going to be tons of people with different backgrounds and come from different areas that we might never understand. But we just have to love them for who they are which is God's children.

I feel like im just on this spiritual high all the time and its the coolest thing ever. I have never felt so close and loved by our heavenly father. I know he loves each and everyone of us. and its definitely the biggest blessing knowing that he is cheering me on and all of us on and wants us to succeed in all that we do! I know this is where im supposed to be right now and im so grateful for the opportunity to serve others and to get lost in the work of our savior! I know this is not the longest email ever im just happy to be here and wanted to let you know im still alive hahah Love yall and hope you have a wonderful week....end lol hahah talk to you soon

Sister T! ​

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